Tarmacing Company UK

DHC Services are a tarmacing company based in the UK, the team have worked on resurfacing driveways, play areas, car parks and more. Working for both residential and commercial properties in the UK, the tarmacing team at DHC have the knowledge and experience to complete a high-quality service whilst staying on time and within a certain budget.


Due to tarmac being low maintenance and hardwearing, tarmac is one of the most popular materials to have as a driveway or a path. As a tarmacing company, DHC Services have worked on creating driveways for both residential and commercial properties in the UK. If this is something that you need, then we can provide you with a free, non-obligation quote.


With almost 10 years of experience as a tarmacing company, we have worked with a variety of businesses and local authorities across the UK providing a tarmacing service. As a tarmacing company, we have created driveways for residential and commercial properties in the UK. The team working in our tarmacing company can use all the machinery and equipment to ensure the driveway is as smooth as possible.


We also create playgrounds for schools that are based in the UK. The tarmacing company will ensure that there are no loose aggregates, cracks or uneven surfaces when creating the playground, making it safe for children to use.


To ensure that there is no disruption caused to your property or workplace, we’ll ensure that all resurfacing is done in a timely manner and according to your requirements. We have a strong reputation as a tarmacing company in the UK. We also have a range of testimonials and portfolio entries about our tarmacing projects.


Whether you need a new driveway, extend a car park or create a playground, our team will be able to help! As a leading tarmacing company in the UK, you can rely on us to meet your exact requirements, within your selected budget and on time.