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snow clearance in worcestershire

Snow Clearance

DHC Services Ltd are highly experience in snow clearance, making sure that your employees and customers can access your business in Worcestershire. Our main objective is to ensure that your business runs smoothly without any disruptions and that your customers are safe.


With our snow clearance service, we understand that we need to act quickly which is why we offer our service 24 hours, 7 days a week. No matter the size of your premise in Worcestershire, we will be able to help! We have worked on removing snow from industrial estates, large car parks, retail parks and more in Worcestershire.


Our snow clearance service is completely tailored to your needs, as we know that every business is different. The snow clearance team will remove all snow from your car parks, pathways or roads, making sure you feel as safe as possible.


The weather in Worcestershire can be unpredictable, especially during Winter, which is why we our snow clearance service is always available. We can operate out of hours to ensure that your business is ready for when you open, so you can carry on as normal.


If snow is forecast in Worcestershire, DHC Services Ltd are prepared! Our snow clearance team will always be ready to clear any snow anyway. Whether you need the pathway or a footpath near your business cleaned, or a larger area like a car park cleaned, we will use the correct equipment and machinery to complete the job in a professional and on time.


Without cleaning heavy snow or ice from paths, roads or car parks, your business is a potential slipping hazard which may mean that your business will have to close. With our snow clearance service, we can help prevent this by clearing away snow and ice, ensuring that your business, in Worcestershire, is safe during Winter.


Are you interested in our snow clearance service for your property in Worcestershire? Get in touch with us today!

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