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Landscaping Contractors UK

For almost 10 years, DHC Services have been providing a landscaping service which includes hard landscaping and soft landscaping. We have a fully trained team of landscaping contractors which will encompass all of the key areas from concept to construction. Whether you need our landscaping contactors for residential or commercial purposes, we can provide an exceptional service for your property in the UK.  


Our team of landscaping contractors can add a visually appealing environment to your workplace in the UK. This will give potential customers a great first impression of your business and it will improve your working environment for your employees. We’re here to help make your outdoor space in the UK look beautiful!

DHC Services have a team of landscaping contractors based in the UK

Commercial Landscaping in the UK

We have worked on a range of landscaping projects across the UK for both residential properties and commercial. From garden clearance, building garden sheds, creating decking areas, laying patios and more! Our landscaping contractors have completed numerous projects gaining experience and knowledge to be able to deliver a landscaping project on time and within a certain budget.


Our landscaping contractors will concentrate on unifying your environment with the great outdoors! We can help your business park, retail park or public area in the UK. Or, if you’re looking to create a relaxing garden in the UK, our landscaping contractors will be able to create the outdoor environment that you have been dreaming of.


Did you know that you can combine our services to create the ultimate outdoor living space in the UK? If you combine our landscaping and commercial fencing service together, you will have the complete landscaping solution! Your outdoor space will be secure from trespassers as well as visually appealing. Our landscaping contractors will ensure that your requirements are met by a deadline and within your budget.

If you need help from our landscaping contractors for your property in the UK, get in touch with us today! We strive to provide a professional landscaping service every time.     

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