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Working with Tricas Construction

DHC Services have had the pleasure of being selected & working with Tricas Construction Limited on the enabling works to the Hanley Street development by Volume Property.
This has involved our groundworks contractors responding quickly to assist & undertake the following works to get the project ready for the main ground works package to start on Monday 7th September 2020.

- Excavate, demolish & structurally fill existing basements at the front & back of this small & challenging project.
- Bring a mobile crusher to site to crush the arisings from the demolition of the old building.
- Install an engineered piling mat for a 50 tonne piling rig to operate on across 2/3’s of the project.
- Assist with investigation works & excavate trial holes to help locate an old overflow drain from the nearby canal that was found to be running under the South East gable of the proposed building position.
- Install an engineered shoring design to help retain part of the Metro building that is along part of the South East boundary to the project. This involved working as closely as possible to the building while avoiding the canal overflow drain & installing 6 augured piles which connected to a concreted beam that assists in supporting this section of the buildings elevation.
- Provide an excavator & skilled operator to assist the piling works undertaken by M&D Foundations. In just over 2 & a half weeks M&D Foundations installed 83 CFA piles at an average depth of 19.5 meters.
- Install an engineered shoring design to help retain the lower third of the 10 meter high North facing elevation of the Consort building. This involved us constructing a temporary single sided shutter using the MSM range XL Lego Block Interlocking blocks (very large & heavy concrete blocks that weigh up to 2.4 tonnes). Once we had assembled the blocks into position we moved over 400 tonnes of arisings from the piling works & installed this in compacted layers behind the XL Lego Blocks to help give the blocks some mass to resist the full fluid pressure generated by the amount of poured concrete required for the shoring works. To help minimise the impact of our pouring works we poured the concrete over 2 days which allowed us to control the rate of rise on the concrete & also perform hourly checks on the adjacent buildings to make sure our works were not adversely affecting these too. In total we installed 62.5m3 of Gen3 concrete with a S3 slump into this large scale shoring works. This has constructed a 150 tonne mass of concrete to help retain this elevation.

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