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Fencing Contractors Midlands

DHC Services Ltd have a team of fencing contractors that are based in the Midlands. Supplying residential fencing, commercial fencing, agricultural fencing and security fencing to customers for almost 10 years. We can provide you with secure, attractive and long-lasting fencing and gates.


Our team of commercial fencing contractors have access to use the plant equipment to ensure that you receive a high-quality service for your property in the Midlands. They are also fully trained to use all types of machinery. We will work together to carry out the work that is needed to meet your exact requirements.


We have a highly experienced team of fencing contractors that have years of industry knowledge and experience from working on different projects in the Midlands. We work with leading fencing manufacturers in the Midlands that will be able to supply any style of fencing. From our years of experience, we have a huge range of fencing designs and styles to choose from.

DHC Services are a team of fencing contractors based in the Midlands

Commercial Fencing service in the Midlands

Our fencing contractors have experience in installing all types of high security fencing, including palisade, chain link fencing and gates. We can help give you a peace of mind that your fencing will keep your property in the Midlands safe and it will stand the test of time. Keeping you, your employees and your assets safe, we will create a barrier that will deter intruders and trespassers from entering your property.


With the extensive knowledge that our fencing contractors have, we are able to offer a highly competitive price, no matter the size of your project in the Midlands! Whether you need commercial fencing, residential fencing, farm fencing or security fencing for your property in the Midlands, get in touch with our us today!

We’re not only fencing contractors, we also provide a groundworkscommercial landscaping and tarmacing service to customers across the Midlands. We have worked closely with local authorities in the Midlands for years. If you would like a free quote from our fencing contractors, please get in touch.

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